EUOptions is a binary broker based in Cyprus. For its operation, the broker uses the SpotOption technology – one of the most popular binary options trading platforms (all Plattforms you will find hier klicken).


Options Return

EUOptions’ return rates are not particularly high – in fact, they’re closer to the lowest ones available on the market:

  • For High/Low options the return for EUR/USD is 73%, for Gold – 70%, and for Oil – 70%.
  • One Touch options offer a return rate of 400%.

Here’s what that means in a more practical example: let’s say you deposit $500 and start placing $25 bets (for the purpose of this example you are gambling and not placing informed bets). With a return rate of 73%, you would have to win at least 57.8 out of every 100 bets before you start earning money.

A return rate of 85%, like the one of OneTwoTrade, only requires you to win 54.1 out of 100 games to break even.

For a return percentage of 400%, you only need to win 20 out of every 100 games – but returns that high are only available for One Touch Options where the probability of winning is significantly lower.


Bet size & refund

Bet sizes: The minimum bet size at EUOptions is $25, which seems to be the industry’s standard. Of course, other brokers have lower requirements for the minimum bet size – $1 at Banc de Binary for example, or $10 at iOption.

The cap on a single bet is $1,500. If you believe this is too low, you can try out brokers like TraderXP, where the maximum bet amount is $3,000, or Banc de Binary, which lets you stake up to $8,000 on a single option.

Refund: Losing is frustrating but to make the experience of options expiring out of the money, EUOption offers refund of up to 10%.


Option Types

High/Low: These are the most standard binary options. You’ll see them listed as High/Low or Put/Call, and what you need to do with them is predict whether the value of a particular asset (EUR/USD, Gold, Oil, etc.) will increase or decrease – in other words you have to guess if the price will go up or down. Each option has a pre-set expiry time and you need to wait for it in order to collect your profit (if you have made any).

One Touch: With One Touch options, there’s a certain asset (usually stock), and a level define by the broker. If the asset price touches the level, you win – and you get your money right away, without waiting for the option to expire.

The thing is, though, that the touch levels are often way too far from the actual price level you’re your chances of winning are rather slim. Then again, this option type grants you a return rate of 400%.

The Option Builder lets you create your own options – you adjust the profit/loss levels, choose an asset, set an expiry date and then you’re good to go. The platform is designed for more experienced traders so if you’re a rookie, better stick to High/Low options.


Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum you can deposit into your EUOptions account is $100 and that’s the minimum withdrawal amount too.

The broker supports the following payment methods: wire transfer, credit/debit cards, CashU. Out of these, I prefer credit card payments – they’re the fastest and the most convenient.

Withdrawals are approved and processed within 2 business days of the day you submit your withdrawal request.



When I signed up with EUOptions, they offered me a first deposit bonus of 5% and I laughed out loud – that’s a pretty ridiculous bonus amount. Dragon Options gave me a first deposit bonus of 50% up to $1,000, and the welcome bonuses of iOption and Banc de Binary are 100%.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get in touch with an account manager or support rep to ask about other types of bonuses, however the broker’s site claims there are bonuses for both new and existing customers.

Whenever you get a bonus, you would need to release it for withdrawal by wagering the bonus amount 30 times.

You can also take advantage of the Refer-A-Friend program: for each friend you refer, EUOptions will give you and your friend $50 each (your friend needs to make a deposit of $100 or more).


Overall Impression

Frankly, EUOptions doesn’t really offer anything extraordinary. The return rates are low-ish, the sign-up bonus they offered me was offensively small and they don’t even support the 60 Second options that you can find with other SpotOption-powered brokers (OneTwoTrade, TradersRoom, and many others). Another thing I disliked about EUOptions is that they advertise 24/7 customer support availability but that is not the case. Optional visit: